The Program

At Milan, youth has always been the center of many activities in the belief that the practice of sport and football can offer important opportunities in terms of education and mental well-being. To pursue this goal more effectively the club started the Milan Junior project in 1999, with a set of initiatives and educational activities aimed at the active involvement of young people and their families, in Italy and throughout the world.

The activity of Milan Soccer Schools is part of this project with the aim of offering to the clubs that want to combine their own name to that of the AC Milan which has always been synonymous with quality, style and success, the means and the knowledge to enable young people with a proper start in the game of football.

Given the importance of the project, the club has therefore put in place significant investment by acting on the basis of a detailed strategic plan that involves more than 35,000 children each year, distributed in 46 countries around the world.


To ensure compliance with the standards of excellence set by the club, the Milan Academy was created as a school that trains and refreshes all the coaches involved in the individual initiatives and Rossoneri activities. The aim of the Academy is in developing a “Milan methodology” which, through guidelines, technical programs, films and dedicated materials, supports thousands of coaches who work daily in Milan Soccer Schools and Milan Junior Camps for the educational and sporting development of children. The Academy covers Training and Research and Development in nine areas: Technical, Motor-Conditional Socio-Educational, Medical, Food Care, Junior MilanLab, Videos, Scouting and Management, relying on a group of 24 qualified teachers. This activity is unique in that Milan bridges sport and research.


To give valuable support to the management of the health of the children and help spread correct behavior and healthy habits, Milan has also decided to extend the know-how of MilanLab to youth projects, creating Junior MilanLab that, thanks to an important collection of data through the use of special non-invasive instruments, allows those involved in youth sports constant monitoring of their health. In addition, parents of young players are the recipients of a summary document called “MilanLab Junior Report” that collects the results of the tests carried out monthly during the season with the use of the MilanLab Junior kit. The following are specifically indicated, in addition to the changes made in anthropometric values; some important information relating to the percentage of fat mass and analysis of heart rate variability.

Online Portal

In this ambitious project is the fundamental role played by the online portal which has been exclusively designed and implemented to facilitate and expedite the sharing of information between Milan and the Soccer Schools. It is a management tool with great potential to which the Milan Soccer School has exclusive access. Through the online portal all coaches with affiliated clubs will have access to technical programs, films and all materials dedicated to training.

Adidas Kits

Regarding the partnership, Adidas offers a high quality product by making available to each team, kit specifically designed for young athletes. The focus in the study of materials and comfort in sports clothing has always characterized the German company that kits out the Milan Juniors, as well as that of the first team.


The activities of the Milan Juniors never neglects the playing side which is essential for the active involvement and adaptation of children: the Intesa Sanpaolo AC Milan Cup, the prestigious international youth football tournament organized by AC Milan, and invitations to the San Siro Stadium to watch the first team in action are just some of the many activities reserved for the young players.